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L. Dailey Nettles, BS

Graduate student, Neuroscience

Dailey is a Neuroscience PhD Candidate at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus studying the role of myelin in motor cortex circuit function. She received her BS in Neuroscience from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she trained in the lab of Gwendalyn King, PhD. She is co-mentored by Cristin Welle, PhD and Ethan Hughes, PhD. Using a mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis, she implements chronic and acute in vivo extracellular recording arrays to quantify changes to M1 neuronal activity, and 3D kinematic analysis to evaluate alterations in skilled reach performance. Outside of lab, Dailey enjoys scientific outreach, knitting, quilting, competitive baking, and spending time with her husband Alex, son Paul, and dog Lorelai. She is currently exploring postdoctoral research opportunities.


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience Graduate Program.      2016-present


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, Cum Laude      2012-2016


  • Dailey Nettles, Gustavo Della Flora Nunes, Kim G. Gagnon, Ryan Williamson, Daniel Denman, Ethan G. Hughes, Cristin G. Welle. Myelin loss disrupts the neural representation of dexterous reaching in primary motor cortex. In preparation

  • Context-dependent behavioral and neuronal alterations in head-fixed and freely-moving skilled reaching. Dailey Nettles1,2,3, Ryan Williamson4, Spencer Bowles1,2, Kim Gagnon1,2, Ethan G Hughes3, Cristin G Welle1,2. In submission

  • Closed-loop automated reaching apparatus (CLARA) for interrogating motor systems. S Bowles, WR Williamson, D Nettles, J Hickman, CG Welle. 2021

  • Fluid Jet Stimulation of Auditory Hair Bundles Reveal Spatial Non-uniformities and Two Viscoelastic-Like Mechanisms. Anthony W. Peng1*, Alexandra L. Scharr2,3, Giusy A. Caprara1, Dailey Nettles4, Charles R. Steele2,5 and Anthony J. Ricci2,6. Frontiers in Cell & Developmental Biology, 2021.

  • Motor learning promotes remyelination via new and surviving oligodendrocytes. Clara M. Bacmeister, Helena J. Barr, Crystal R. McClain, Michael A. Thornton, Dailey Nettles, Cristin G. Welle & Ethan G. Hughes. Nature Neuroscience, 2020.

  • FGF-23 Deficiency Impairs Hippocampal-Dependent Cognitive Function. Ann M. Laszczyk,1 Dailey Nettles,1 Tate A. Pollock,1 Stephanie Fox,1 Melissa L. Garcia,1 Jing Wang,1 L. Darryl Quarles, 2 and Gwendalyn D. King. ENeuro, 2019.

  • Klotho regulates postnatal neurogenesis and protects against age-related spatial memory loss. M.Laszczyk, StephanieFox-Quick, Hai T.Vo, Dailey Nettles, Phyllis C.Pugh, Linda Overstreet-Wadiche, Gwendalyn D.King. Neurobiology of Aging, 2017.

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